Specification of material and cross-sectional data of tees (Input Table)

Table error description:

4 error conditions


TE only used in reinforced type

TE has been specified and the tee type is not Reinforced


R0 only used in Welded, Extruded and Welded-In type

R0 has been specified and the tee type is not Welded nor Extruded nor Welded-In


D-BRN greater than D-RUN

The branch diameter has been specified greater than the run diameter


CON only used in Reinforced, Unreinforced and Welded-On type

A smooth concave contour (S) has been specified in column CON and the Tee type is not Reinforced nor Unreinforced nor Welded-On

H310173, last changed: 11/4/2020

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