Specification of material and cross-sectional data of tees (Input Table)

Table description:

The input data table TEESPEC contains all detailed data required for the pipeline behaviour and stress calculations including stress intensification in the tees. See table H.3 from NEN-EN 13480-3 and the notes from table E1 of Appendix E of ASME B31.8.

Tees can only be present in connection points specified by IDENTS in table CONNECT. The connection is assumed to be rigid.

A tee consists of 2 run elements joining in the connection point and being in a direct line with each other, and one branch element perpendicular to the run elements. At the 3 ends of a tee an IDENT is assigned by the program consisting of the RUN-ident (ident of connecting polygon point of run) with the addition 's', 'e' and 'b'. If the RUN-ident contains already the maximum of 8 characters, a warning is given and no idents are assigned.

Corrosion allowance and fabrication tolerance of a tee are assumed to have the same values as the matching pipe(s).

H310172, last changed: 11/4/2020

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