Specification of connected points in a branched pipeline (Input Table)

Table description:

The input table CONNECT provides the possibility to specify which points of the pipeline are rigidly connected to each other in case of branched pipelines or steel in steel pipelines..

The pipeline configuration is defined as one continuous polygonal pipeline. When there are branches it must be specified which polygon points have been connected to each other representing a tee in most cases. The points to be connected are indicated by identification names from the list provided in input tables ORIGIN, POLYDIF and ADIDENT.

If the connection is a tee or a fixed SIS, the points to be connected must be polygon points, so the identification names must occur in the list from tables ORIGIN and POLYDIF only. The type and dimensions of the tee have to be specified in tables TEECONF and TEESPEC. The location of a SIS section has to be specified in table SISSECT. Rollers have to be specified in table SISPRC.

A tee consists of 2 run elements in direct line with each other on either side of the connection point and one branch element perpendicular to the run elements.

A fixed SIS consists of at least 1 inner and 1 outer pipe element, and at most of 2 inner pipe and 2 outer pipe elements.

H200162, last changed: 11/4/2020

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