Initiate pipeline design


Various options to initialize the shape of the pipeline structure and the related soil- and external support reactions can be selected here.

Design Function Phase

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The remaining options transfer a pipeline pre-deformation from another project, which means that the other pipeline must have the same number of nodes. In general to obtain reasonable results, the element division over the pipeline must be the same as well.

The parent pipeline must be defined in the 'project information' data entry group after selecting one of the options below.

For easy understanding, the pipeline is transferred as a deformed structure, kept in that shape by a set of imaginary, external forces, indicated here for the sake of simplicity as F(i).

Info The remaining options as will be described below are only available if the Phasing (F) module is present.

Warning These options are not available in the free Educational version.


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H1003, last changed: 7/5/2021

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