Messages, warnings & errors table [NOTICES]

Specification of Messages, warnings & errors (Special Table)

Table description:

Messages, warnings and errors found during processing of a design function are stored in the NOTICES table.


Type of notices:



Error type notices will stop the calculations because continuing is not possible or not useful. Per design function one or more errors can be present in the table. If one or more errors have been found, function processing is stopped (see status bar for the different warnings-icons giving an indication of the content of the NOTICES table). The errors are removed from the table in case the function is set back.


Severe warning

With severe warnings a user should determine whether further calculations are still useful. The user should have a good story that supports the usefulness of continuing the calculations after this type of entry.



These type of notices warn a user for situations which usually do not have a great impact on the results. Several Warnings can be present due to the fact that a warning may be ignored by the designer and processing may continue. Warnings belonging to a design function already processed can only be removed from the NOTICES table by setting back the function in question.


Informational message

Messages which are saved and so stay available after saving / re-opening a project.



Messages give some information on e.g. the iteration process, but are of no importance for the end results. As messages usually are not relevant when reporting results, it is advisable to remove the messages from the table prior to exporting/printing the table. This can be done by closing and re-opening the project.


Debug message

These messages are only reported during debugging or development period and are of no importance to a user.


The format of the notices is 'Nnnn/nn', where 'N' is type of notice (E, S, W, I, M or D), 'nnn' the function number and 'nn' the notice number, e.g. W500/34'. This is the currently used format.

In the time to come the format will change into 'Nnn-nnn' where 'nn' is the function number and 'nnn' the notice number, e.g. E42-001.

When after the identification an Info icon is present there is a direct link to the Help file by clicking on it.

The NOTICES table can be shown through either the main toolbar or through clicking the notices-icon Warnings.Icon on the status bar.

Info Informational messages, warnings, severe warnings and errors are stored in the project file and can also be read after re-opening the project, messages are lost once the project is closed.

Info All function errors/warnings/messages are described under the "Design Functions". Each design function has its own Function error description. Errors/warnings/messages with a number (after the /) higher or equal to 80, or having the format 'Nge-nnn' are described under "General Errors/Warnings/Messages"

Info As already mentioned above a transition is going on from the original entries (3 categories, E, W and M) to a new, more informative format (6 categories, longer texts). So both types of entries can currently appear in the Notices table.

H000972, last changed: 4/1/2021

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